American Hot Cream & Cold Gel Combo 4 Oz Body Fat Burner Weight Loss Slimming

l cold and hot cream consists of two reducing gels Cream kit. These gels are designed to reduce and eliminate excess fat accumulated Any part of our body. Any excess fat helps cellulite from forming but cold cream and hot cream also helps us aeliminar cellulite and firming tissues. You can reduce inches from your abdomen, buttocks , legs , arms and back effective , quick and effortless manner. Warm gel is immediate penetration into the skin so it is possible poderquemar all clusters of fat that are under our skin. Also the heat will also help improve blood circulation. Benefits : • Help to Eliminate cellulite • Burns fat • Eliminate localized sagging tejidos.Aplicación • Tones : After using the gel can be applied hot cold gel , massaging While zonaen circular for better absorption and penetration thereof. Use daily 1 or 2 times a day to achieve the size reduction desea.Dejar you always act in 45-55 minute.