Cellucor Super Hd – Weight Loss – Fat Burner (120 Capsules)

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Cellucor Super HD Review | Is It One Of The Best Fat Burners Around?


Cellucor Super HD Review

A relatively new fat burner has been receiving much more attention lately. This fat burner is Cellucor's Super HD. To start things off let's look at what the label claims that it will deliver.

The main focus it claims is weight loss through a fat targeting and body sculpting agent.

It also claims to provide additional focus, energy, appetite suppression and extra fat metabolism.

All of these elements seem to be pretty beneficial, but does super hd really deliver all of these benefits? Let's look at what real users have been saying about Super HD, time for some social proof.

Reported Pros

1) The supplement actually works within the timeframe
2) Most experience tweak free energy
3) Your mental clarity is increased
4) You get to feel stronger

Reported Cons

1) A bit on the expensive side
2) Make a few people tweak
3) Few people don't see immediate results

As for the Raw Score, let's see what people have been rating this product out of 10. shows 377 ratings averaging out at 8.6 out of 10 shows 16 ratings at 8.1.

This gives us a raw score of 8.58.

Overall this seems to be a very good score for a fat burner.

To dig deeper, let's look at the active ingredients.

IFAS50³™ (253 mg)

This is a mixture of natural extracts known for weight loss, appetite control and reduction of fat. These herbs are Polygonum multiform thunb, Loranthus parasiticus, and Camellia sinensis.

Caffeine Anhydrous (160mg)

This agent is known for its weight loss properties and supplies energy to the cells by making them active. Overall, this agent supplies energy to its users. A single serving of this agent equals two cups of coffee.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (150 mg)

This agent is known for its mental benefits, which facilitates in keeping you alert and focused. It helps to keep the mind focused so that one can perform even under stress. Up to 3 grams is safe, higher amounts may cause side effects such as anxiety, insomnia and rapid uncontrolled metabolism.

Niacin (10 mg)

Niacin works to convert carbohydrates into energy. It affects over 50 metabolic activities including the metabolism of fat; hence lowering the amounts of cholesterol in the body.

Final Verdict

This product looks to deliver what it promises. It will help to increase your focus, energy levels, provides a tweak free effect, and most importantly it helps to burn fat faster. One draw back to this supplement is that some find it to be on the expensive side, some find it to take a bit too long to kick in, and the odd person finds it too strong.

To help bring down the cost per serving for you, we will tell you when this supplement, or your other favorites go on a promotion, free of charge. Visit and subscribe to us using our form and we will start researching for you right away. Thanks for watching.

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